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 More Than a Campaign


Transparent Leadership


Local Excellence

Alsey Hopkins is building a youth movement to bring more vigor and vitality to the Republican Party. He believes we need better organization and more young local leaders to give a future to our communities. 

Alsey Hopkins knows leading is not the same as ruling which seems to be the nature of many in our government. He believes the only way to govern properly is to listen to those you represent and take action to help their needs. Leading is about inspiring from those who work in the government with you all the way around to your local busines owner or 

Alsey Hopkins is passionate about his community and believes that rural North Carolina has not been given fair treatment by its leaders. He wants a strong focus on growing local wealth rather than bringing in wealthy transplants to replace them giving the appearance of growth. 

Alsey Hopkins is a young republican running for NC House District 25
and he needs your support!